I’m a freelance writer living in the Seattle area. Previously, I was a health science journalist for Inverse. This website has links to all of my freelance work. For my most recent stories, please visit my Inverse author page. You can securely send tips to my encrypted email at katiemacbride [at] protonmail [dot] com. profile

I’m also a co-founder and associate editor of Anxy magazine. In 2018, I was a story and field producer on a documentary about the pediatric use of medical cannabis.

Find links to my freelance clips here.

Read my work in Vice News, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed News, Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Longreads, among other publications.

I’m on Twitter @msmacb.

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  1. I really wanted to thank you for your article about raising awareness on harassment in the public library. I’ve been a children’s librarian for nearly three years and a month doesn’t go by when somebody makes me feel threatened or uncomfortable. I’ve had men ask me out, try to grope me, and say all kinds of inappropriate things in a branch with no security officer. It’s about time this problem is taken seriously. So again, thank you, and I hope we see some positive change during my tenure here.

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    1. I’m so sorry that you’ve had the experiences so many of us have had. It can be truly frightening. I’ve been so pleased with the reaction to the article, though, it’s making me think at least some folks are ready to start this seriously. ❤️


  2. I have been dating a retired librarian for four years now. Her insight and experience corroborates everything you have mentioned in this article. I would hope that the ALA comes up with some guidelines for their members.

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  3. I just came across your article about medical trauma. Led me to your twitter and other articles. I used to work in medical malpractice and then was in a serious, tragic car accident myself. Even though I lost my sister, dad, and boyfriend in the accident, somehow it’s the 13 surgeries, many hospitalizations, and countless interventions (PICC lines and risks of embolism/infection!– I remember that vividly), and all the associated medical trauma that endures for me. There’s a soft landing space for mourning the loss of loved ones. There’s not nearly as much built-in support for the medical PTSD. Your words helped me feel less alone today. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    It’s been years and years now, and the recovery and growth has been strong, but it’s always good to find a connection.

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    1. I’m so sorry for your losses and the PTSD that resulted from your medical experiences. It’s definitely an under-discussed subject and I’m happy I could help a little. Thanks so much for sharing your story.


  4. I want to Thank you for the finding the words to explain what I have been trying to say for years. Your article on Medical PTSD was the perfect way for me to explain to those close to me what is happening. I have been experiencing this for well over 20 years and have never been able to get people to understand that I can’t just get over it! Your writing spoke to me deeply and I hope it helps others to understand what can’t be explained.


  5. Katie- could you send me your article on Paxlovid rebound written June 9, 2022? It was great and I could not get it to send it to my friend who really wants to read it. Thanks.


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