Trying to Drink the Anxy Away

Why I’m passionate about being a part of Anxy Magazine: For much of my life, alcoholism and depression alternately masked and exacerbated each other. I only drank because I was depressed, I would argue, or I was only depressed because of the consequences of my drinking. Jumping between these two narratives meant that I never had […]

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Best Bathroom Books

“The best way to read Moby Dick,” my college professor said, “is in the bathroom.” He was not suggesting, as I strongly felt, that the process of reading Moby Dick was so painful that it might cause one to curl up in the fetal position in an empty bathtub. He simply argued that a long […]

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Archived Blog Posts

I’ve written a LOT about sobriety over the years and things are starting to feel a little cluttered on the blog. This page is where I’m going to link some older pieces that don’t necessarily seem that timely but are hopefully still useful to folks.  Happy National Recovery Month Sally and I Are Interviewed by […]

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