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Poison Plants: Tainted grow operations are growing, but an unlikely group is doing whatever they can to stop it Playboy

Seeking Gender Parity at Sundance Shondaland

Murder Mountain: Netflix’s New Docu-Series Exposes Missing Persons in Weed’s Emerald Triangle Rolling Stone

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High Pressure for Anxy Magazine

Librarians in the 21st Century: We Need to Talk About Library Security LitHub

This 38-year-old Study is Still Spreading Bad Ideas About Addiction for The Outline

Chris Bertish’s Wild Paddleboard Journey for GOOD Magazine

Coffee, Cake, and True Islam for Rewire News

Can Virtual Reality Help Cure PTSD? Rolling Stone

Why The Addiction Recovery Community Should Get on Board with Medical Marijuana Rolling Stone

Running, Hugs, and Recovery Without the Anonymity The Fix

The Dangers of DXM The Fix

The Big Book of Mormon: Recovery in the Church of Latter-day Saints The Fix

What Do Our Presidential Candidates Think of the Heroin Epidemic? The Fix


What is “Medical PTSD?” Healthline

Can We Please Stop Describing Sober People as ‘Clean’? Healthline

One Man’s Tragic Overdose Raises Questions: Is Rehab Getting Too Strict? Healthline

Why Addiction Seems so Irrational–and How to Help your Loved One Healthline

Restricting Opioids Doesn’t Prevent Addiction. It Just Harms People Who Need Them Healthline

5 Harmful CBD Myths Healthline

But The Drugs Keep Me Sober The Small Bow

A Scary Time for Men Anxy Magazine

Chasing Drinks With Lies, and Lies With Drinks Longreads

Time’s Up on Harassing Your Public Librarian Shondaland

When Quitting Isn’t a Career Decision Anxy Magazine

This is Not What Luck Should Look Like Anxy Magazine

There’s No One Right Way to Think About Addiction New York Magazine

Trumpcare Might Kill Me The Development Set/Bright Magazine

Why Today Feels Like Grieving the Loss of a Loved One The Establishment

A Sober Woman’s Journey Through The Booze Fueled Holiday Season Quartz

Stop Asking Me to Justify My Food Choices The Establishment

The Way We Talk About Poop Matters More Than You Think The Establishment

The Inevitable Ugliness Of Alcoholism The Establishment

Carrie Fisher: Our Stigma Fighting Icon The Fix

An Ode To Our Misfit Queen YourTango

The Big Stigma of Being Depressed and Sober for The Bold Italic

Trying to Drink the Anxy Away for Anxy Magazine


Ask Katie Anxy Magazine

Ask an Addict Paste Magazine

Ask Katie The Fix


Getting to Work With Little Miss Flint: Mari Copeny/Little Miss Flint Shondaland

We are Never Interviewing in Real Life: Samantha Irby Book Riot

Q&A: Sarah Hepola, Author of ‘Blackout

Oscar Winner “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1”: An Interview with Producer Dana Perry 

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Is a Lack of Bonding the Cause of Addiction? for



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