I Think My Friend has a Drug Problem, Do I Confront Her?

This piece is part of the regular Ask Katie* advice column series at The Fix.

I think that my friend has a drug problem. About six months ago she started acting weird and accusing her friends of talking about her behind her back. She also lost a lot of weight and stopped hanging out as much. I thought she was just being weird, but then I watched something about methamphetamine and it seems like her behavior fits. Should I confront her?

I told myself when I started this week’s column that I wouldn’t include an anecdote about my own life as an example—that seems to be a trope I’ve used the past couple of weeks. But then I read your question and now I have to break that promise. Please bear with me…(continued)

*I am not an expert or a mental health or medical professional; I’m a sober person offering my experiences and advice about sobriety. Every other Tuesday I will one recovery-related question posed by Fix readers, based on my experience. Send your general advice questions to me at editor@thefix.com with the subject “Ask Katie.” 

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