5 Harmful Things CBD Articles Get Wrong

for Healthline

There’s no shortage of dismissive articles about CBD, and they tend to follow the same formula.

Headlines of these types of pieces typically fall under some variation of “CBD: Myth or Medicine?”

The article will refer to CBD as a “hot wellness trend” and list the plethora of products it’s now appearing in (shampoos, mascaras, etc.). It’ll then list the most exaggerated claims made by CBD evangelists:

CBD cures cancer!

If you bathe in CBD every night, you’ll live forever! (I might’ve made that one up, but give it time.)

By the time the article gets around to asking whether there’s any actual science behind the claims, you might find yourself convinced that CBD is an overhyped, celebrity-endorsed load of nonsense that’s lapped up by millennials who don’t know any better.

While this dismissive mindset might not seem like it’s doing any harm, this isn’t necessarily the case. Real harm can be done when this misinformation permeates social workers, psychiatrists, school administrators, and other folks who have the power to influence people’s lives.

Take, for example, the family who had their 7-year-old daughter taken into protective custody for four days because they were — effectively — treating her seizures with CBD oil (I should disclose that I wrote this article). Or the athletes who have lost their scholarship opportunities for using CBD oil to treat their seizures because it violates the school’s drug policy. Or, similarly, the children who can’t enroll in school because the CBD oil they need to treat their seizures while on campus violates the school’s drug policy.

In short: Clarification is needed when it comes to false or misleading statements that continue to crop up in these types of articles. To help with this, let’s discuss five of the more common myths that surround CBD (continued)

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Katie MacBride is a freelance journalist, essayist, and co-founder/associate editor of Anxy magazine. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, Vice, Playboy, and Buzzfeed, among other publications. Follow her on Twitter: @msmacb

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