Men have dominated the conversation forever—so why should I be expected to give them even more air time?

for Anxy Magazine

For me, the resistance built slowly. It began in elementary school, on the days I found the confidence to raise my hand to answer a question, only to lose the chance to a boy who doesn’t raise his hand but shouts his response louder and faster. Or getting detention for hiding behind the bleachers and crying during gym class because two boys called me lewd names.

My resistance and anger grew through one disappointment and dismissal after another, both personally and in the world at large. It was there when a male teacher gave those boys a pretend talking-to, but ignored the same behavior for the rest of the year. It was there with male presidential hopefuls screaming into a microphone, lauded for harnessing the rage of forgotten Americans, while female candidates were mocked endlessly for being shrill. (continued)