My Scar is Nothing to be Ashamed of


The last thing I remember before being wheeled into the operating room was the nurse telling me that I would have a large scar down my torso when I woke up. If I hadn’t been so doped up, I might have laughed. The doctors had clearly explained that if I didn’t have this surgery, I was going to die. Were we really going to talk about a scar? (continued)

also published on Good Housekeeping and Dr. Oz The Good Life

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Katie MacBride is a freelance journalist, essayist, and co-founder/associate editor of Anxy magazine. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, Vice, Playboy, and Buzzfeed, among other publications. Follow her on Twitter: @msmacb

4 thoughts on “My Scar is Nothing to be Ashamed of

  1. Wow! What an amazing and inspirational story. I find how our priorities change when facing certain things to be quite intriguing.
    I truly admire your courage in writing this and opening it for discussion.


  2. I love your stories… Based on your titles and opening paragraphs I read into it that this is going to be one of the standard pap stories sensationalizing something for a phony victory over society, as is so often done in the press.

    Then I read the whole post or article to find that you come to the exact, right moral conclusion in the end, and without much fanfare.

    You are an awesome writer, Katie. Great article.

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