Our personal histories shape the way we think about jobs, and our experiences at work can control—even dominate—our personal lives. Stress, anxiety and exhaustion happen all the time, whether you’re doing a paid job, voluntary work, or caring for family members.

Where does hard work stray into something addictive, controlling, and dangerous? Why are we working so hard? For many it’s to achieve something, to build a future. But sometimes work also helps us avoid the other things we’ve got going on. So: When you live on a spectrum between work and workaholism, what’s the real cost? 

Anxy workaholismWe’ve got interviews with people who are making their work struggles public, reporting and essays from around the world, and haunting photography. And that’s just the beginning: Anxy No.2 is 144 pages of beautiful design, astonishing art, and powerful storytelling.

Highlights include: Neal Brennan interviewed by Zoneil Maharaj, with photography by An Rong Xu; Talia Herman on life and death on the Russian River; Kenneth Rosen on anxiety and war; Amanda Rosenberg on the myth of mania; Preston Gannaway and Lauren Smiley on the uberization of work; and poetry by Musa Okwonga.

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