My latest advice column for The Fix*:

“What’s the deal with non-alcoholic beer? Some of my friends drink it and say they are still sober. Others say if you drink it you’re basically going to end up shooting heroin the next day. Beer was never my problem and it would be nice to have a cold one at the occasional party or football game.”

When people I was in treatment with raised the issue of non-alcoholic beer, I was baffled. Why would anyone want to drink non-alcoholic beer? By the end of my drinking, I wasn’t bothering with regular beer because the alcohol content was so low. In those early sobriety days, having a non-alcoholic beer sounded about as appealing as drinking mud. 

In August, I was in Hawaii with my boyfriend’s family. They’re all drinkers (the normal kind) but they’re extremely supportive of my sobriety and I never feel strange for abstaining when I’m around them. As the days on the beach flew by, though, I started imagining what it would be like to be one of the people relaxing on the sand, beer in hand, soaking up the sun (continued)

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