“The best way to read Moby Dick,” my college professor said, “is in the bathroom.” He was not suggesting, as I strongly felt, that the process of reading Moby Dick was so painful that it might cause one to curl up in the fetal position in an empty bathtub. He simply argued that a long book with many short chapters was easier to digest in small bites.

Moby Dick never did it for me—in the bathroom or elsewhere— but I have always been a toilet reader. It doesn’t matter how long I plan on being in the bathroom, I’m bringing a book regardless. Often, I’m so engrossed in a book that I forget my whereabouts and finish a book only to realize I’ve been sitting on the porcelain throne for much longer than necessary.

Still, not every book is ideal for bathroom reading. If you’re going to keep books in the loo with you, you’ll want to look for books with short chapters, a lighthearted tone, and perhaps a nugget of information. A few examples: (continued at Book Riot